• Psoriasis is a serious disease

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  • If you have psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis, investigate new treatments that are transforming lives

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  • We need more research on psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis

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  • It's not just your skin: psoriasis linked to other serious conditions

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  • Legal Immigration Is Good For America.

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First Thoughts

  • fingers crossed

    Psoriasis is a serious disease

    Stuffing the ballot box is every politician’s dream. Democrats are pursuing unlawful policies they believe will give them a permanent means to stuff the ballot box: changing the American electorate by flooding the nation with very poor, uneducated people who will be permanently dependent on taxpayer-funded give-aways, and will vote for Democrats who promise to keep the freebies coming forever.

    It’s an audacious plan, but with the help of Big Business donations to key Republicans, and support from the Democrat Media, it is close to becoming a reality.

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Legal = Good

Legal = GoodStrengthens AmericaLegal Immigration

Here's an idea: let's rework our immigration system to admit those foreigners who will create jobs, be net taxpayers, and love our country above all others! It's not rocket-science.

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