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The Latest Psoriasis News

“Fail first” insurance mandates not just a problem for U.S. psoriasis patients

“Fail first” policies are one of the mandates imposed by some U.S. health insurers to reduce their costs. They require that people with psoriasis (and other serious diseases) try older and inferior – and often less safe – treatments before they can access the 21st century treatments that work best. Continue Reading…

Imagine knowing after 4 weeks, how a new psoriasis treatment would be working for you after 6 months…

Here’s an interesting, after-the-fact analysis from clinical trials of the biologic Ilumya (tildrakizumab-asmn), an “IL-23 inhibitor” marketed by Sun Pharma. The researchers looked at psoriasis severity scores used in clinical trials, known as PASI scores (Psoriasis Area and Severity Index), for each patient. Each patient’s score is determined before the Continue Reading…

Opioid use “substantial” among people with moderate to severe psoriasis

A recent study looked at a database of privately insured people that included about 9,000 psoriasis patients, of whom just over 2,000 were identified as having moderate to severe psoriasis. It found that about 25% of those 2,000 received opioids, compared to 16% of otherwise-comparable people without psoriasis. The figure Continue Reading…

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