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The Latest Psoriasis News

Coronavirus and psoriasis: what you need to know

Short summary • Take seriously the social distancing, hand-washing, and other recommendations from the CDC so we can stop the spread of this novel coronavirus. • Those with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis should check in with their doctor to ask if treatment alterations should be made in light of the Continue Reading…

Reading this article about the placebo effect will make you feel better today

Here’s a very interesting item about the placebo effect. Yes, it is fun to hear about experiments in which people can be fooled into feeling better, or worse. But more importantly, this professor and psychologist discusses how a patient’s attitude, and a physician’s warmth and (apparent) competence, can impact our Continue Reading…

“Fail first” insurance mandates not just a problem for U.S. psoriasis patients

“Fail first” policies are one of the mandates imposed by some U.S. health insurers to reduce their costs. They require that people with psoriasis (and other serious diseases) try older and inferior – and often less safe – treatments before they can access the 21st century treatments that work best. Continue Reading…

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